World Premiere of the New Flute Concerto
by French Composer Philippe Hurel
Commissioned by Bochumer Symphoniker 
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Radio broadcasting available, stay tuned !
Philippe Hurel (1955-)
Concerto pour flûte et orchestre

Yubeen Kim at the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra
Recent review :
"This would be the moment to celebrate the arrival of the Symphony’s newest member, the South Korean flutist Yubeen Kim, who lost no time filling listeners’ hearts with visions of the splendors to come. Kim’s tone is almost unimaginably rich — robust at its heart, full of shimmery colors in the periphery — and he deploys it with arresting eloquence."

Press announcement of the appointment as the Principal Flute : 

J.S. Bach, Partita in a minor for Flute Solo BWV 1013

I. Allemande
II. Courante
III. Sarabande
IV. Bourrée Anglaise

@ Myeong-dong Cathedral
ARD Competition Winner Portrait Video Yubeen Kim

Yubeen Kim Portrait Video by BR Klassik  

Prize Winner Portrait of ARD International Music Competition 

Yubeen Kim

BR Klassik
Interview to Yubeen Kim

How did you begin in music?

My father is a contrabassist in an orchestra in Korea, so I was really friendly and close to music. I could listen to music easily and went to the concerts that he was playing. And I also liked very much the music myself.
My parents suggested me to learn the piano and the violin when I was around 6 years old. I liked so much playing piano that I learned it for a long time.
When I was around 9 years old, I followed my mother to the flute lessons, that she went as a hobby. Those moments made me become a flutist. I loved the flute since then.
 -Juan Val-

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Arirang TV Heart to Heart, Flutist Yubeen Kim

At the young age of 19, flutist Yubeen Kim was appointed as the youngest member of the world-famous Berlin Concerthaus Orchestra and principal flute. Despite his young age, he has shown remarkable concentration and stable performance, and is a performer that the world's music world pays attention to. We meet him in [Heart to Heart], who returned to his homeland after a long time.

The first Korean musician to act as principal of the Berlin Concerthaus Orchestra

Korean flutist Kim Yu-bin is drawing attention from the world music world. At the age of 19, he was selected as the youngest principal flute of the Berlin Concerthaus Orchestra in Europe and works as a trainee member. After that, he received the highest score in the unit vote and was given the status of chief of staff for life. He is the first Korean musician to work as a principal in Germany's representative orchestra with a long history of over 60 years.
Yubeen Kim Prague Flute Competition Winner

When did you start playing?

I started playing the flute when I was 10 years old.
Actually I started playing the piano before playing the flute.
Why did you choose to play the flute?
My mother was playing the flute as a hobby, and I was following her lessons.
So I listened to her playing and then I also wanted to play the flute.
Because the charm of the flute caught my interest. And then I started learning the flute.
Who are your greatest inspirations?
First my parents, I can't do anything without my parents.
And French Composers. When I listen to the French music, It makes me feel better, especially Claude Debussy.
And all of my teachers.

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